Once is Enough for Us...

Last night I had a nightmare. There are many nightmares you might expect a newly married girl to have; losing her husband, running out of money, her husband leaving her, becoming pregnant on the honeymoon, etc. Nope. My nightmare was we were having a re-do of the wedding day and had to go through it all over again. Worst. Nightmare. Ever.
Reasons why:
    - Surprisingly, I wasn't really stressed much (until the wedding decoration set-up began) other than by two particular people. One is a classic example of people making everything all about them, rather than trying to realize that it is about you and your future spouse getting married, and the other was a untrustworthy person who would say one thing then do an about-face so you are always concerned what will happen next.
    - All your friends and family come to be with you on your big day but you are so busy that you only have time to give them a hug and kiss and if you're really lucky, get a quick photo
    - You've dreamed all your life of your big day but in the end, it's so frickin freezin that you can only squeeze a couple photos in while turning blue; you'd be okay staying outside all day for the photos but how can you ask others to do the same?
    - The temple is crazy busy due to fellow students wanting to get married during the break, around the christmas and new years break and the upcoming 3 weeks of temple closures so you end up getting rushed from the visitors centre to make room for the next wedding party's family. 
    - In a bid to make sure everything is to your liking, sweet but overwhelming, everyone comes to you with every question. I almost broke down trying to figure out what goes where and when... 
    - You work so hard to make sure everything is as good as it can get for your reception and then you are too busy to even enjoy it. 
    - While trying to enjoy your wedding day, you also are concerned that everyone is okay, happy, having fun, not upset, not offended or excluded. There are just too many people in the equation!!!
    -Afterwards, you are so physically and mentally exhausted, when you finally get to your gorgeous suite you only have the energy to soak in the hot tub and then pass out.
Many people tell me that all weddings seem rushed, hectic, and chaotic to the bride and groom while to the outside world, everything seems perfect. Maybe the two are related; the more chaotic/rushed a bride feels, the more perfect the guests seem to think everything is. If that is the case, then Shawn's and my wedding day was the most perfect one people have seen in years.

Despite my feelings about the day in general, I cannot deny that this nightmare-inducing day was one of the best days of my life for so many reasons/moments;
    - the moment I was staring into my new husbands eyes while we became husband and wife I have never been so happy, excited and calm all at once.
    - having my bridesmaids trek through the snow, all with high-heels, no stockings and bright red from the cold, just so we could take a few pictures in front of the temple. That's hard-core bridesmaids, right there. 
    - Seeing the families pull together to decorate the whole reception hall in 3 hours. The Bevans clan are quite the force and I could not ask for more from my family. And don't even ask about taking it all down. It had almost been completely ripped down before we even left. It was the most amazing blur ever. 
My favorite picture of the whole day...
This is how it all felt,; a lil chaotic but full of family and loved ones.
    - Having my family all together, no drama, fights, storm-outs and only a couple tears (and mostly happy ones). Something I almost did not think possible. 
    - I married the most handsome man ever, I'm slightly jealous of myself
    - Seeing old and new family and friends. There's a reason everyone says it's all about friends and family, it is.
    - The candy buffet. The fact that neither of us even saw it in full force at the reception is besides the point. That thing rocked.
 - The photo booth. I don't care if only 1/8 of the people knew about it. 
The ones that did produced amazing, gotta-keep-them photos.
    - Amazing Cafe Rio food for the family dinner? Yes please!
    - The decorations. Who knew that it would actually turn out so pretty?
    - Time alone with my husband. Wink.
 - All the nephews and nieces singing "L-O-V-E" and then 
surprisingly, breaking into ballroom dance. 
Favorite. Part. Ever.

In summary, I married the best man that I have ever known, amidst all our friends and family, and we are ridiculously in love and happy. But would I ever want to relive the day that saw me become Mrs Bevans? No. So much, in fact, that the very idea of ever having to live through that circus again brought on the very nightmare that sparked this blog.

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