Farewell Unemployment!!!

I GOT A JOB!!!! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to finally (okay, it's only been a month but a looooooong month) have cracked my way into the Saskatoon Health Region!!!! I will now be employed on the Day Surgery Unit at the Saskatoon City Hospital!! 

After a month of waiting around, hearing nothing from all the online applications, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and went to the City Hospital, wandering aimlessly, until I found a nursing managers office. There, I sat for an hour, waiting for her to finish her interview and then she came out to meet me and as we talked, I tried to charm her and send subconscious messages that she should hire me straightaway, before I went mad from unemployment. Either my subconscious or my resume convinced her I wasn't all that bad because yesterday morning I got the call saying I would start orientation February 14, 2011! Happy Valentines Day!! So until then, I can now enjoy the next two weeks because I know that I will be starting work in 14 days!!!

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  1. Thats FANTASTIC!!! I was hoping and praying you'd get something soon, and I'm do glad it turned out. I really jsut feared for your sanity actually...ha ha...now I know you'll be fine, LOL...and I really enjoy reading your blog! Despite what you may think, I think your made for this! I LOVE all of the posts I've read, your a natural!