Open Houses Rule

Everyone should nix the idea of receptions and just have an open house. In Arizona. At my in-laws.
This is my ode to open houses.

The difference between our wedding reception and the open house, 2 months later, is astounding. The first was stressful, over-packed and freezing. The second was relaxed, low-key, beautiful (and outside, in February) and best of all, it only took that day to set up and plan. I have my wonderful in-laws to thank for everything with the wonderful open house.

The stress from the wedding reception was so much that Shawn had flash-backs and despite that it only took a couple hours to se-tup and get ready for the open house, Shawn was visibly upset about having to through anything similar to the day-we-wish-to-never-go-through-again. All the boys actually ditched the night before, trying to pretend it wasn't going to happen. But the two nights were nothing alike. I LOVED the open house.

The set-up was gorgeous, tables surrounded by twinkling lights and an orange tree with hanging tea-lights (that, luckily, did not catch on fire). Heaters provided just enough heat to enjoy the cool night air and not a wisp of breeze was felt. This just could not be possible in Alberta. The table-clothes would be whipped away by the wind and it would prob rain/snow 5 minutes before we start.

My mother-in-law's brother and wife.
They came all the way from California in a trailer.
Thanks so much!

My new Grandma and Grandpa.
His mustache is one that Tom Selleck envies. 
Kyle and Shadolyn, Shawn's sister, and their
adorable son James.
My in-laws.
So wonderful.
We opted not to wear our wedding attire, but we compromised by not going with Shawn's preference (jeans and t-shirt) and rather, just wearing a nice dress and suit and shirt. It was the perfect thing. I got to buy a gorgeous new dress from Anthropologie and do my hair and wish that I got some-what of a tan in my four days in Arizona (sadly, not even a lil bit). Good thing because the whole thing was perfectly casual and I would have felt pretty darn ridiculous dressed to the nines in a wedding gown while everyone milled around the house. 
Who doesn't love bite-sized deserts? Add the fact that they are home-made and utterly delicious and you can guess what I ate, all day (and the next day).

I seriously wish I could have my back-yard looking like this all year. It was so beautiful. I just wanted to blare "Kiss Me" by Six Pence None the Richer and dance the night away under the stars with Shawn. Why can't my life be a cheesy movie? The music always comes on at the right time with cheesy movies.

Despite the lack of cued music, the open house was a success. I was finally able to meet some of Shawn's high school friends and my in-laws ward made a strong showing. Shawn and I spent two hours mingling and nibbling and just relaxing and enjoying ourselves, which is something that was so lacking from our reception. It was perfect. Thank-you mom and dad. 

But my reception high-heel curse continues. Halfway through the open house, my high heel strap just snapped. Luckily, Chance is a whiz with tape and I was good for the rest of the night. 

High Heels
#1 & #2


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this all...it looks absolutely perfect, well everything besides that i'm not there....ha ha. Your MIL sure knows how to throw a party! I wanna see a close-up of that awesome dress that you bought from anthropologie too...tee hee. Love you guys!

  2. I thought I already commented on this...but I can't see it....did I? ha ha...if not...the synopsis is pretty much that I LOVE all of this...its perfect. And I have a little crush on shawn's mom and how well she can throw a party, she's pretty much my idol now, ha ha