How I Met Your Father...

I remember when I first heard the concept of one of my now-favorite t.v. shows. "How I Met Your Mother"??? It sounded absurd, and I gave it a season before it ran it's course, he met his wife and moved on to the next show on t.v. Well, it's now six seasons in, the protagonist has dated countless girls and not one is the eventual 'mother' and I am hooked. I still think the concept is slightly ridiculous? What teenage kids haven't heard the story of how their parents met? I could recite the story by age 7. And even if you DID find kids who couldn't be bothered to ask until they were 15, what parent then proceeds to tell them the story, but only after he tells them all about girlfriends 1-39, who by the way are not their mother,  and then say it's all because you have to hear the whole story?? It's kind of hilarious because at that age, I liked to imagine my parents never dated anyone else but each other... I think I would have gone in shock.

That being sad, I am a sucker for "How did you meet" stories. Maybe that's why I keep watching the show? Partially for the humor, and partially for when he finally mets his wife (probably the last episode of the series, but I can be patient). When I was younger I would partially, and secretly, base how good a couple was by how good their story was. I still love hearing the stories, and have grown to appreciate all types of because, in the end, the result is the same- the realization that 'this is it. He/she is the one I am gonna marry.'

Judging from the beginning of our story, I would have never guessed that this was 'it'. But, unlike Ted (HIMYM), I am not gonna start 6 yrs before we met. I am going to start a month or so before.

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