An Ode To Vending Machines

What a wonderful thing vending machines are. Whether you need a quick fix of candy on a night shift (guilty) or a cold pop you can just grab pop some coins into a machine any time of day....

 My only gripe is that I don't carry much change now that my serving days are behind me so sometimes I find myself staring at a vending machine wishing I had a toonie so I could claim that Oh Henry that is just a glass window away. I miss the days that every day I would come home, pockets full of change. For some reason, when I spent change, it felt like I wasn't really spending money because I never really counted change as part of the tips I made.

But the vending machines we are used to here in Lethbridge are quite tame compared to these I found....

Need some lingerie? You're in luck! Just go to your street-corner lingerie vending machine!

Not sure who has a midnight need for Pro-Active but hay,
others might not need a midnight junk food fix, but I do.

We've all seen the classic 'Claw' game but usually it's gambling for stuffed animals.
Anyone wanna take a shot at getting some live dinner? 
No guarantees though, might be just Mac N Chesse afterall.

And last but not least, your lovely Marijuana vending machine.
But this is one of the more demanding vending machine, needing a
fingerprint as it's only for those with a medical marijuana rx.

My favorite vending machine has to be the tampon vending machine. Hands down. Working as a waitress and nurse, you are surrounded by predominately females so you always have someone to bum a tampon off, if you forget to come prepared. Sometimes though, when stopping to get gas or when in the airport, you just need one and you are torn between coughing up way too much money to buy a box of tampons or just toughing through with some wadded toilet paper when you spot a vending machine angel...

The tampon vending machine. May not be the snazziest of them out there but I can't count the times I have been saved by one of those, (which probably indicates that I should really learn from my past and stuff my bags, glove box, coat pockets, maybe even my shoes.) Thank-you Tampon Vending Machine.

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