Inevitable Stress

Using the birth control patch is easy.

Put it on.
7 days later, take it off.
Put another on right away.
7 days later, take it off.
Put another on right away.
7 days later, take it off
Leave it off for 7 days, then repeat.

see how easy it is?
a monkey could do it and not get pregnant.

That's why I went the 'patch' route. Shawn and I agree I am not to be trusted to take a lil white pill to avoid pregnancy. How could I mess up with the patch?

So why am I always holding my breath after I take off the last week's patch? The 24-48 hrs between the patch removal and the eventual arrival of my period is TORTURE. I swear my blood pressure spikes with the anticipation. I could not imagine the stress I would feel with the pill because there is a HUGE window for error...

We aren't planning on kids for quite a bit... That means there are gonna be a lot more stressful days each month... I'm kind of excited for the time we are TRYING to get pregnant just, but I am sure when that time is here, I will be stressing, waiting to be pregnant... Sounds like me.

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  1. Haha, that's how I've felt ever since we got married! For some reason every month I work myself up thinking I'm pregnant, then I start freaking out and stressing, then it comes and I'm soooo relieved! Its torture!!