Summer of Lethbridge Summer Events Begins...

During a slow night shift I took the Lethbridge summer activities calendar and marked all the upcoming activities. Every year I mean to go to the Coaldale Candy Parade, Airshow, Dragonboat Races, and such but I always had an excuse (usually work) but not this year. They are all marked in red in my day-planner and Shawn has agreed to my goal to go to as many as possible this year...

First off:

The Dragonboat Races

These races are advertised to the max and it worked. I have always wanted to go check them out; part of me thinks I would have loved to gone to a posh school and been part of a sculling team. Maybe I will try and con a group of people into making a team for next year... But my sister just informed me that the name "Dirty Oars" is already taken by a team, drat... 

Must say, I felt slightly let down. I think that the races are mainly for the teams, themselves. They seemed to be having a blast while Shawn and I were completely underwhelmed. The teams seemed to have a blast though; another reason to get a team together next year... But we did have fun milling around the extra stuff on the fringes; food tents, live bands, and (I use this term lightly) belly-dancers. Pizza for $2.50? Yes, please!

Shawn gave me a hard time for my 'pose' smile... 
He was wondering why I couldn't just look at the camera smile...
Riiiiiiiight, this coming from the guy who gives me

This 'smile'

And this 'smile'

But despite his inability to smile normal for a picture, 
I proved that I could smile for a picture without posing... 
Is it bad that I found it slightly hard?

Reason I Love My Husband Today #179
    He rides the girl bike and gives me the boy bike every time because he knows how much I hate the constant clicking of the old chain on the girl bike... And he still bikes faster than me. Blast.

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  1. I LOVE that he rides the girl bike for you....ha ha...you guys are so sweet:)