Weekend Away

Somehow Shawn and I both had the weekend off and summer seemed to have a tentative hold over the rain so we decided to join my mom and her hubby, Len, camping out in the Crowsnest Pass.

We had just pulled up when it started pouring, just long enough to make our planned quad rides a ridiculously wet, muddy, and just plain fun. 

Showing our lack of forethought, neither Shawn or I packed a spare change of clothes other than church clothes and even then, Shawn figured he could pull off wearing his jeans to church. Not so much when they were soaked with mud. I don't think they would be too keen on us leaving a mud trail in the church.

Even though there are limitless types of junk food I would rather eat, you just can't avoid and refuse s'mores while camping... I can't resist roasting marshmallows, even if I just pawn them off on others when they are burnt  cooked perfectly. 

The boys spent two hours to get a good fire going as they only had wet wood to use. Ironically, after we put the fire out, with a basin of water, late that night when we went to bed, we woke up to find the fire still smoldering and didn't have to light a match to restart the fire, instead, we just threw another log on the fire. 

You know those ridiculous people that treat their pets like ridiculously-spoiled princesses children? That would be my mom. Yes the dog is wearing goggles, and a raincoat, and is in a special doggy holder. Oh my. 

Nothing tops off a good weekend of camping then a good nap on a hammock.
Now, back to reality. 

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