Love Me Some Biking...

When I think of summers as a kid, I picture myself in my bathing suit on a bike.

Wasn't that the highlight of the summers? Exploring the town, planning big marathon bike rides (never really quite made the trek from Magrath to Raymond), and just living in my swimming suit (because who knew when an opportunity would pop up to get wet?).

So when I discovered a couple of old bikes in my mom's shed I jumped with joy. I have definitely not grown out of my bike obsession and I quickly snatched the bikes and brought them home.

Shawn has been sooo good about indulging me in my love of bike rides, so we will go for rides to get ice cream, movies, and whatever. I love him. 

My bike has now become my best summer friend, sad right? Shawn works during the day and I usually don't work until 3 pm or even 11 pm so I have a lot of free time. So my days now usually consist of waking up, watching some t.v. that has been pre-recorded (can't resist The Bachelorette, even though she drives me batty) clean up, eat, do dishes, and then go on a bike ride to do all my errands.

That's what I love about bikes, I can be efficient, get some exercise and get some sun in all at once... I just need a old granny bike with a basket in front and I will be set.

The best part is that when I am riding my bike, wind blowing my hair and sun on my face I feel like that little girl again that just loved every second of summer and life and all I want to do is wear my bathing suit 24/7 again... Which, weirdly enough is, I am.. Ha ha... I just bought a new suit from DownEast Basics and I love it, so I just wanted to try it on again since we are going to the cabin next weekend!!! Woot woot!

Cannot wait to go to the Bevans' Cabin for July 4th weekend. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the states for July 4th and have come soooo close but never made it so I can't wait to tan, boat and shoot fireworks non-stop.

Sadly, the only bikes there are broken, last year Shawn and I went for a bike ride and about 2 km away from the cabin his bike lost a pedal... He half-ran, half-peddled the whole way home as I followed him laughing the whole way. 

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  1. oooh....I wanna come riding with you! Awesome! And you should totally get a bike with a basket.