A Pox On Him

Remember that really nice, gorgeous truck we bought two weeks ago?

Last week it started leaking oil... Not so good.

Shawn took it to a mechanic who informed us the good news, the bad news and the even more bad news.

   Good news: It's not leaking oil
   Bad news: It's leaking DIESEL because the injectors are shot and the engine is now full of diesel
   Even more bad news: It's costing us $3000... Our house down payment fund took a hit.


We emailed the previous owner as he said he just got the oil changed and checked out the engine... The guy was no help, saying he was sorry for the inconvenience but hopefully after we fix this we will have the new truck we were wanting... Um, I am no mechanic but I am pretty sure that it would be hard to miss an engine full of diesel... I smell a rat.

Jerk. Teaches us to not take anyone for their word. Sad. From now on, the only word I am trusting is my husbands, and a mechanics.

Is it bad of me that I am seriously considering egging the guy's house?

There is a tiny, sliver of a silver lining... The mechanic said everything else in the truck is in tip-top shape so now we have a fantastic truck, just a slightly more expensive fantastic truck than we originally planned for.

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