24 Weeks...

I have been extremely lucky this pregnancy and now that I'm 24 weeks I am in that perfect stage where my belly is finally big enough to suggest pregnancy (not over-eating on Caramilks) and I feel like I did prior to pregnancy (no fatigue, headaches or anything). The only downside is that I know that the third trimester is coming soon with all the stretch marks, back pain and baby kicking your bladder that I know comes with it... Shawn has been waiting this whole time for me to get cravings and I can't really say that I have had any yet, but he kept asking me so one day I felt like a Caramilk so I decided to just bump the "feeling like" to a "craving" level and Shawn has kept our cupboards stocked with Caramilks since than. How sweet is he? 

Trying to have Shawn play
photographer lead to a picture
when I wasn't ready

One where I was explaining
how to take the photo

And a picture that I was ready for
but turned out blurry
I figure between the three you can
get the gist...

Luckily, even after all the Caramilks,  I can still fit in all my clothes (although my shirts are becoming shorter and shorter I notice) but I know buying new clothes can't be delayed forever. I have a sneaking suspicion that I have the industry of low-riser jeans and pants to thank more as well as the baby because I seem to be carrying a bit higher so I can sneak on my jeans still. The beauty of wearing scrubs to work every day is that I should be able to hopefully sneak by without buying too many new-sized scrubs...

Our little guy is quite the mover and I am not quite used to feeling him do all his flips and kicks as I am excited to feel each move. I was super excited for Shawn to feel him move, it makes it more real to him I think, but I think our babe is slightly shy because when he feels Shawn's hand pressing down he settles down real quick. We have our names narrowed down to two finalists. One name that I chose and Shawn liked, and the other that Shawn chose and I liked. I think we are gonna just wait until he comes and then we will decide which name fits him better... But I did have my primary class of 7-yr-olds vote and it was 6-3 for Shawn's pick, one little boy said it was 'a super cool name' so now I am leaning towards Shawn's name... :D


  1. You look so cute! And your hair is getting super long....oh, and I love cara like...and I love your new car...and I'm dying to hear the baby names, does my vote count? He he...how's the house coming? We really need to hang out...soon!

  2. We will definitely count your vote... I know we need to hang out soon... I have been a complete bum working and not getting out much but I switched rotations so I have more time to come visit...

  3. This post and especially the pictures made me smile real big =)

  4. Valena you are the cutest pregnant woman ever!! How adorable is your tiny little belly!
    For the stretch marks, I highly recommend body butter. Everyone that I suggested it too avoided stretch marks. Maybe it was just a coincidence but I gained 60 lbs with Justice (shhh dont tell anyone!) and never got a single one!
    love the cute pictures of you. Oh and good work wheeling and dealing with a car dealership. we did that with our Corolla too!