4 years after graduating I now officially have a permanent position!!! Last week I got the good news that I now have a .68 3C/4A float position.

That means that I can now breathe easy that if I have to go off early (knock on wood) that I will still be able to bring home some money until the baby comes and then... and then... all that money paid into E.I. pays off because I will be on Mat Leave!!! 

How great is Canada? One year paid with free health care... Now I just need to make good friends with a dentist cause we all know my teeth can put us into the poor house. Please let this baby get Shawn's teeth genes and not mine. Oh please, oh please, oh please!!!

If I wasn't pregnant I probably would have stuck around in my temp .42 position because it's just a dream position being all evenings (days and I don't go together) and it let me pick up whatever and work half and half between Taber and Lethbridge but I feel blessed that I was able to get a permanent position right when I needed it. Even if it is a day/night position.... So long evenings, my dear dear friend. 

The one upside is that at least I will be seeing my hubby more... So what if I will be a partial zombie due to having to wake up early*

*Please don't remind me that in four months I will have a lil baby that will require me up even earlier; I am in denial. 


  1. Awesome! Where is your full-time position at? Taber?

  2. It's a float position in Lethbridge so I will be working on my floor and on the other surgery floor on 4A. Yay...