Just This Time...

Things tylenol is good for:

-Minor aches/pains 

Things Tylenol is not good for:

-taking care of pain that comes along with 
needing a root canal.

I don't know what kind of genetics are against me but no matter what I do, my teeth are bound and determined to fail me. 
Last Monday I woke up with a toothache. Pretty common for me. I popped some extra strength tylenol throughout the week and didn't think too much of it...
But it didn't go away, it got worse until I was unable to sleep Thursday night...

First thing the next morning I called my dentist almost in tears.
Bless her soul she got me in right away, x-rayed me and told me I needed a root canal.
-Expensive, sucky, but if it meant the pain would stop...

Then the bad news... 
Since I was pregnant, she suggested I just keep using extra strength tylenol for the pain. 

Then the even more bad news.
I had to wait a week for my appt with the specialist.
The consult appt

Okay... Fair enough... I got more than myself to worry about. This lil guy inside is depend on me. I can be strong for him. I can suffer through the pain. 

That night neither Shawn and I got any sleep.
Me because my toothache turned into a stabbing pain that radiated from my jaw to my chin and reduced me to tears. Numerous times. 
Shawn because my bawling woke him up. Numerous times. 

I don't know what was worse. The fact that my jaw was on fire or the fact that it wouldn't be relieved for another week or two at minimum. Not okay.

48 hrs later I am at work in Taber, pain worse than ever, barely able to string two thoughts together with the danger of my liver going into failure from all the tylenol I was popping. 

Then the perk of working at a hospital came along. The emerg R.N. noticed me walking around with my hand glued to my right side of my face. She convinced me to come talk to the on call Dr. and ten minutes later I was handed wonderful, beautiful codeine tablets... 

All I could think of was 'no drugs, no drugs, no drugs' but I was delusional from the pain and I needed some relief and the Dr. convinced me it was safe in small periods in the second trimester.

So I caved... 

I am so sorry baby, you are gonna be dopey for a day but first thing in the morning I am calling all the endodontists in the city and I am getting in tomorrow or the next day I promise and I will go back to just popping tylenol. 


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  1. That is horrendous V! Seriously, they can't get you in any sooner? Like tomorrow at the latest? Hang in there girl! My heart (or teeth) are hurtin for you!