Happy Random Day Nothing To Do With Valentines...

Shawn is one of those anti-Valentines day people.
I don't mind since I don't lean either way; celebrating it or not is fine by me.
and the fact that he does numerous sweet things for me any given day helps too... :D

Buuuuut... Valentines just happened to be the day after grocery shopping and finding this 
adorable idea on pinterest.

So he got a huge 'Happy random day nothing to do with Valentines, I love you' rice krispie Kiss

Doesn't look as perfectly cute as on pinterest
but that's because I didn't have a funnel
big enough so I just made do with a bowl
and kind of winged the shape...
Still cute tho eh?

And when I came home from work I found Caramilk's in our cupboard that he bought for me
But that's a whole 'nother story...
Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not...
Hope you had a fantastic day!


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  1. I LOVE that hershey kiss...SO cute...great job:)