Last but Not Least...

When we bought our house and we walked into the kitchen,
this is what we saw

Backsplash had to go.
Upper peninsula cabinets had to go.
Flooring had to be changed.
Those were obvious...
(we're not even gonna mention the curtains)

We thought we could save the cabinets but we were wrong 
so now Shawn is piecing together unfinished cabinets and making us a new kitchen. 
My husband is pretty amazing, putting all his learnt skills to work.
(did we mention he's taking his carpentry apprenticeship?)

Backsplash is gone but not replaced yet... 

And he's making the countertops... 
Where does he get all this talent?

Did I mention he is doing everything in this house by himself?

The new floor is amazing... Just really dusty from all the woodwork Shawn is doing...
I can't wait to show you the final result... It's going to be AMAZING.

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  1. (insert some shocking words here)! Seriously--he's piecing together some and he's making his own countertop! I should have guessed I was related genetically to someone with so much talent. Wow! Truly, truly amazing.