Best $1300 Ever..

So Sunday night my tooth pain got unbearable.

I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat but then I found my saving grace; cold water.
As long as I had cold water in my mouth I was not in excruciating pain. Perfect.

Problem was, I became captive to the water. I could not stop drinking for a second so by 5 am I was exhausted, water-logged, and running to the bathroom every ten minutes while making sure I still have water in my mouth.

Poor Shawn woke up at 5 am to me running up and down the stairs to the bathroom and so he came down to check up on me and as soon as he came downstairs and hugged me, I just started bawling. As soon as I saw him I just broke down and I just appreciated him coming to sit next to me and be there for me even though he couldn't do anything more for me than just making sure my ice water never ran out.

Finally, after the longest weekend of my life, 7:30 am came and I called Dr. Harder's office and plead my case and thankfully they said to come in right as soon as consults began at 9 am. By then I was shaking non-stop, I think the 8 hours of drinking ice water non-stop had affected my body temperature but just knowing that the end was in sight helped me cope a little longer.

So 8:45 am I was walking into Dr. Harder's office with my cup of water firmly grasped in my hands, but within twenty minutes I had been checked in, x-rayed and Dr. Harder had been in to confirm that not only was my tooth badly infected but it was in the transition stage to necrotic.

Then the good news, he would do my tooth ASAP. When he said that I just burst into tears, I was so thankful and relieved. This was the first time in my life I was happy to be in the dentist's chair. Five minutes later I was frozen and passed out in relief. I don't remember much about Dr. Harder or the root canal since I was past out from exhaustion and relief but I can say that, hands down, this is the one and only time that I have happily let them swipe my debit card. But thankfully insurance covers 80% of the procedure which is even better... $300 sounds much better than $1300 eh? Either way. It was worth every penny.

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