35.5 Weeks

35.5 weeks pregnant! Wow. 

That means on Saturday my baby will be considered full-term.
That means this baby could come anytime from Saturday till 7 weeks from now.
That means that we're gonna be parents soon.
That means I have to actually experience labour soon. Ick.

I don't know how prepared I am. Can you ever actually be prepared for one of the biggest changes one can experience? But, I really think Shawn and I will be able to adapt to whatever our lil guy throws our way. 

Things continue to be absolutely wonderful with pregnancy. I consider myself so blessed to be feeling so fantastic. Our lil baby boy is super happy in there because he never stops moving. He is quite the squirmer and I love it, I get so distracted when he starts moving around in there. He hasn't even began to drop yet so he still carries high which makes me happy because I have hardly any discomfort, no waddling yet, and that means he won't be coming in the near future. Whew. I used to find it hard to believe that there is a baby in there but lately, it's quite obvious. My belly is just one giant solid belly that moves and squirms and you can literally see how he is sitting/laying sometimes. And if I had a nickel for every time a limb poked it's way waaaay out in my belly, I could furnish my house. 

In the complaints department, I don't have much. A little heartburn, a little back back, a little extra tiredness, a little trouble staying asleep but all in all I feel like I am basically pregnant without being pregnant. I have 22 lbs extra and the belly but not the problems. And I am appreciative. (I may have had two hormone-induced emotional overloads in the last 3 months but I figure that's pretty good if I have only had two.) Am the only one who will miss having a belly? It's just so adorable having this big, round belly that's alive and moves independent of me. 

I only have EIGHT more shifts until I am off. I might squeeze in a couple extra but in the end I will be off work May 21st. Now for me, this is slightly unsettling. I am not used to not working full time. The only times I have ever not worked full-time is when I was traveling or when I was recovering from my accident and not allowed to work. But luckily I have a good project to keep me occupied until our lil bundle of joy arrives: our house. 

My painting ensemble. Hair up, no make-up, my painting
yoga pants and what-ever t-shirt I can grab.
Slightly sick of painting but the cabinets and trim are
almost done! 

We haven't really felt a rush to complete the house, just slow and some-what steady. Now, I have a feeling it will be a race to finish the main level of the house before the baby comes but I know Shawn and I can do it (with a lil help from my family/friends...) Stay tuned for pictures of the kitchen! Shawn is gonna grout the backsplash this week, throw the appliances in and put on the cabinet doors hopefully this weekend!!!

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