Lil Secret...

I am not a shopaholic or a fashionista.

Admittedly I can wear the same 10 things over and over and over and over and over and not mind. My house can have very little in it and not really notice.

The secret? Not shopping. See, a funny thing happens when I go out shopping; All of a sudden I NEED everything I see. It hits me hard and very convincingly that my life will be so much better will a hand-pumped oil sprayer or the extendable bamboo utensil drawer organizer. How have I lived without them? I get sucked in, especially today since we are thisclose to moving into our house. I am the same with clothes, but since I don't go to the mall ever it helps and being pregnant REALLY helps.

Two things though. I have no idea what I actually have for the house. Shower curtain? Garbage can? Cutting boards? Can't remember! We only lived in Saskatoon with our stuff for 4 months and the last year everything has been in storage, out of sight and definitely out of mind. Second thing, as soon as I walk away and leave whatever tempting store I am in, 99% of the time I forget the item(s) I NEEDED... I just have to get myself out and I revert to being blissfully ignorant of what little things I lack. 

Today was a big fail.

Yep.... Costco suckered me into both... 
Maybe I can convince Shawn we already owned these in Saskatoon, he just forgot since they have been packed up... :D

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  1. We have that oil sprayer. Thats a great investment. Pam is so bad for you!