Starting To Get Real...

Yesterday my sister and I went to Costco and after I was done picking up groceries, I did something for the first time.

I bought diapers and wipes.


How real is it getting? In 3 (THREE!) weeks it's my due date so this little guy could come any minute. Loading the diapers and wipes into my car made me realize how soon that really is. There is soooo much I still need to do/get. How has it been almost 9 months already? Are we ready for a baby? Will we be in the house by the time he comes? What is my labour gonna be like? How am I gonna handle being sleep deprived? What if I get postpartum depression? How will we do, once I am not working, financially?

But then I opened up the diaper box and saw the tiny, cute lil diaper that our lil guy is gonna be needing, dropped it off at our house in Taber that is looking sooo good, felt my lil sea monster move like he always does and finally Shawn came home from work all handsome and tired from working so hard for us and for now I am not worried; just happy. 

Shawn has been amazing; while I stress about this or that, not one feather of his is ruffled. How does he do that? Then again, he doesn't have pregnancy hormones running through his body.

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