Last Day of Work...

This week I had my last day of work before maternity leave!

For the next YEAR I am not expected to be at work and for the next 2 months I get paid to NOT be there fully and even after that I still get a bit even though I will be sitting at home with my lil baby. Love it! If you compare our maternity to Sweden's, France's or Australia's you might get bummed out but luckily we live due north to a country that doesn't believe in paid maternity leave and the only unpaid mat leave you get is 3 months! Yep, suddenly I am feeling even BETTER about our mat leave up here.

I may change my mind when our lil guy comes along but I still think I will miss work a lil bit. Yes, some days are crazy, frustrating, and exhausting but there is something about my job on 3C.

First off, I love our crew, they are fantastic, which is half of it. 

I have been lucky enough to have been in the float position for the last three months which means I float to both surgery floors and basically help out whomever with whatever. The good news is that I have met a lot of new, wonderful people on 4A. The bad news was half of my time wasn't on 3C. 
On my second to last day I was upstairs helping 4A with patient's morning care when 3C called up to see if I had a patient assignment. I took this to mean that they were crazy busy and I felt so guilty that I didn't call down first thing to see if they needed help so I called them right away and talked to Nicole, who was in charge. She said there was a few sick people and if I could come down early, "It might be good" so I quickly finished up morning care and went downstairs to 3C...

Turns out they just wanted me to come downstairs because they had all brought treats in honor of my last day. Our floor does this a lot for people's last day but still, I just loved it and it made me feel a wee bit special. And plus, I love food. Period. So it was a fantastic second-to-last day. I love those girls.

Second of all, I will miss the patients. Yes, even the frustrating, confused patients. Sometimes they make the most memorable stories. 
   - From the confused guy that decided rather then poop in the toilet, he would rather do it in his hand and then hand it to me.
   - The confused little lady who rubbed my belly the whole time she was on the commode (I had to stand by to make sure she didn't try to get up without help)
   - The lady I found in another (male) patients room, washing the bathroom walls semi-nude
   - The little lady who told me she couldn't eat her lunch because it was giving her Parkinson's
   - The confused man who was yelling, screaming, trying to crawl out of bed until he saw my belly and then he stopped, smiled and started rubbing my belly
Thirdly, I like to financially contribute. It makes sense. I lived on my own and supported myself for 7 years before getting married so it's slightly difficult to not work and contribute in that way. But this is something I have to get over. Thankfully having a bouncing baby boy will help distract me.

I do love my job and I wish miss the staff and the job but I am quite excited about the aspect of having a year off! A summer off! Last time I had a summer off was when I was 14. 

We celebrated my last day of work by playing "Settlers Of Catan". This is a picture of what is needed to bribe Shawn before he will consent to board games.

Pop and the world's largest chocolate bar. 

I will make him love board games and much as I do. That's my goal.

I have tried to add another alternative to our two baby names.
A song came on the radio, "Canadian Girls" by Dean Brody and I couldn't help but think Dean Bevans would sound sooooo cute! It may be a name from 1950 but if anyone is slightly nerdy like me and watches Supernatural on TV, I think they will agree that it can work for a guy nowadays...
Sadly Shawn doesn't not like it.
At all.
So I tried to bring it up a few times more over the next two weeks.
Let's just say the name Dean is not gonna happen. 


  1. I LOVE the new name, too bad hubs isn't into it! Wishing you the best of Luck with everything, Valena!! Can't wait to hear the news that baby Bevans has arrived!! :)

  2. Happy last-day-of-work!! You'll get used to being a lazy bum, it's fun, ha ha....especially if you like food, board games, watching tv and cute kids:)