38 Weeks... Slightly Stressed...

38 Weeks!

Still feeling great!
My center of gravity has begun to be a lil off and it's hard to climb up on counters and jump down (found that out when painting yesterday.... Almost biffed it off the counters just 3 or 6 times) but I am still feeling mostly great.

I am feeling pregnant though sometimes and will groan and grunt but all in all I think I am doing pretty good! No swelling, stretch marks or lil pee escaping with sneezing yet. Score!  I do miss sleeping on my back, Shawn is very good about waking me up and making me roll over if I do try and sneak sleeping on my back. Oh belly/back sleep, I do miss you! I feel like there is literally no more room in my stomach though so where this baby is gonna grow from here is beyond me.  Maybe stretch marks are just around the corner for me.

In Other News:
Shawn and I had our first sleep-over in our house! 
 We've owned the house for months and months and the baby is due in 10 days and we are just having our first sleep-over.  

Here's our car loaded up with stuff to stay the night in Taber... 
It was actually quite fun and it was nice to be able to work on the house and then just go to bed and 
wake up and walk to church....
My pregger friend Naomi...
She's 3 weeks behind me and
lives in Taber too!
But it did something else:
it made me realize how much more we have to do before we can move in.

So I begun to stress.
A lot.

Please oh please oh please let me have 3.5 more weeks to go. 
Baby, do NOT come in 1.5 weeks. 
Let me be a typical first time delivery statistic in that sense, a week and a half overdue.

The house is sooooooo not ready to move in yet. Maybe in a week. Maybe in 5 days. Maybe in 10 days. But not now. And being out there was fun and exciting (our own house!) but oh my goodness we have a freaking baby coming soon. That house is sooooo not ready to come home with a baby.

Bah! So last night when Shawn and I were having our second sleep over in the house I couldn't fall asleep till after midnight because all I could think was of the things we need to do and soon!

Oh dear.... This will be a busy week. 
It's a race. 
Us and the house vs. the baby.
Pray we win or I am gonna be one stressed out momma. 

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