Kitchen Update and A Lil Mystery...

The Kitchen



Don't mind the plastic on the peninsula... I was touching up the wall paint.
Doncha just looooove the white panelling Shawn put up on the walls?
I just love what it adds to the kitchen... 
But, I am in LOVE with our new kitchen so far... There are still little things to add/fix like the hood fan (which I bought off kijiji.. love it!) and such but it's come a long way with a lot of work! 


Two different times we have come to our house to work on it only to find our front yard or our back yard or both have been mowed. Say whaaaat?

The first time was just after we had raked the yard, and I'm pretty sure it was the first time that yard had been raked for at LEAST 5 years. Two days later we came and the front yard was mowed. I kinda thought that it was a neighbor that was so relieved that someone was finally doing something with the yard and they just did it when they did theirs.

But then today we came out to Taber and not only was the front yard mowed (after they picked up some left over tile from when Shawn was finishing the bathroom backsplash few days ago) but so was the back yard! What the?? Who is this mystery mower and why are they mowing our yard? 

Who knows if we ever will find out but thank-you! It's quite nice since we haven't bought a lawn mower yet: one thing at a time.


Some of you might have read a post on cleaning our walls months and months ago with "Tough Job" which is a wonder product that is very helpful for getting out smoke from the walls. 

Well here is another product testimonial.

Our patio doors are white with gold door knobs, yellow border and gold crisscross things in the window. 

Or so I thought.... 

Um WHAT?? the border is WHITE??? Wow. Wow. Wow! Go 'Tough Job'! That stuff is a necessity for someone who buys a house that was previously smoked in (or just never ever cleaned... I believe that too). Nasty. 


  1. Holy AMAZING cleaning product! I'd be giving that stuff as a wedding gift, baby gift, birthday gift, Mother's day gift, anniversary gift . . .

    And mystery lawn mower . . . how kind! I'd say that's a good omen for your neighborhood . . .

    LOVE the kitchen! I can't wait to see more pictures---flooring, peninsula . . . and I thought you were having wood block countertops?

  2. I explain things poorly... Shawn put wood then that laminate what-ever-stuff on top and then beveled the edges so he made the laminate countertops by hand...

    Things are almost ready to start unpacking! Soooo close but feel sooooo far!