37 Weeks!

So I hadn't thought the baby had dropped at all until I was comparing the picture from a week and a half ago and it looks like he has dropped just a bit. Still not enough to make me waddle or have any uncomfortable pressure so I don't mind at all. 

Only 2 (TWO!) more shifts until I am on maternity leave! It feels so weird because I am still feeling fabulous but I am excited because we are thisclose to finishing our house! My mum and her hubby helped clean up our yard so it no longer looks like an abandoned yard! Shawn put in a full day today putting some finishing touches in and I figure if I go each day for a few hours this week then by next weekend we can be putting finishing touches in the house and next week we can unpack. Cross your fingers for me!

Pregnancy symptoms this week:
Less heartburn
Little bit of cramping/baby moving so much so hard that it feels like cramping
No cravings (sorry Shawn)
Putting on some pants/jeans are now a lil too tight so I had to get pack up a few of them but luckily I still have 3 or 4 pair that I can sneak on
My belly button is so far out, it's a bubble
Trouble falling/staying asleep
Really bad leg cramps at night; Charley horses like you wouldn't believe
More difficulty doing simple things like painting my toenails, and getting into the drivers seat. 
22.4 extra pounds (not too bad, I thank the baby for burning lots of calories)
No stretch marks yet!

All in all, things are still going really wonderful! My favorite thing lately is when my belly literally bounces side to side and I just stare at my lil mexican jumping bean. The doctor says he is headed the right way so he must be doing some mad dance moves on his head. Some times he moves so hard so fast that it moves my whole body and almost makes me queasy like I am on a roller-coaster ride!


P.S. Can I mention how glad I bought the stack of long sleeved shirts like this from Smart Set. They are literally the only shirts I wear lately. So comfy, long enough and cute in a simple way. Best $5/shirt I spent.

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