1/30: Random Facts

1. List 20 random facts about yourself

1) I feel naked without earrings. Seriously. I can probably count the number of days I have gone without wearing some kind of earrings on one hand.

2) I was in marching band, and loved it, for two years. First year I played the mellophone (apparently french horns don't fit well in marching bands). Second I was in the color guard, dancing, doing flags and throwing around rifles. Every now and then when I pick up a rake or a broom I still throw it around to the "The Maple Leaf Forever" routine.

3) I was in speech therapy for the first five years of school. There was probably 10 of us from my year to start out with and I was the last one, by far, to finally "graduate". Even still, when I get excited or nervous and talk to fast I still mess up my 'r's.

4) I am slightly addicted to "People" and "EW" magazine. Thinking about how much time I spend reading these things, I feel slightly guilty. But I am sure a baby will fix that.

5) I am a Registered Nurse, and luckily love it. I say luckily because I went into it for all the wrong reasons.   Mainly I went into because my two older sisters, whom I idolized, were both enrolled in nursing and they kept talking nursing at the kitchen table and I was maddened by not being able to relate/understand what they were saying.

6) I love water. I drink anywhere from 1-7 L/day and rarely drink anything else. Makes for a lot of bathroom breaks now.

7) I have a notoriously bad memory. Shawn suspects that I purposely selectively forget certain things but I don't. Things just fade away from my memory. I am one head bump away from being an amnesiac.

8) I love reading. I also love peeking at the end of the book. Helps me relax and enjoy the book.

9) Shawn dated for only 2.5 months before we got engaged and were married 4 months later. He made me a believer.

10) I am a pretty good typer typist , all thanks to a typing game my dad bought and put on our old computer. Things kids do for fun in the winter when you grow up in a village of 18 houses. Except I have never mastered the numbers row.

11) I lose things. Including the gorgeous diamond earrings Shawn bought me for my first birthday we spend together. It's a mini-miracle that I haven't lost my engagement ring, maybe it's because I refuse to take it off my finger even for work regulations (shh, don't tell).

12) I volunteered in Ecuador for 4 months working in an orphanage. It was amazing and if anyone knows of anyone looking to fill a few weeks-months I highly recommend it. Plus, I figure if I can handle 20 screaming babies maybe I can somewhat handle one baby? Maybe? http://www.orphanagesupport.org/

13) I have finger toes. Makes wearing high heels hard sometime because they are quite long.

14) I didn't know sheeps and lambs were the same species until I was 14. Don't judge. I thought they were more like cousins, like a tiger and leopard. Don't judge.

15) My maiden name is Wyght. It's kind of rare. Really rare... But it's also partly a farce.
Turns out my Dad and his siblings were born with the last name White and when they were in their late teens/early twenties they all legally changed their name from White to Wyght. Apparently it's the original spelling WAAAAAAY back when before they came to America and were forced to change it. Weird to think I could have been Valena White; just doesn't feel the same.

16) We weren't really allowed to watch much t.v. as kids. In fact my dad would hide our T.V. cable/bunny ears and we would have to hunt in the attic for it so we could watch our peasant vision. First time I got cable I was 19 years old and I have become addicted to T.V. since then. (Maybe my dad had a good reason to keep me from T.V.)

17) I know everyone else loves snowboarding but it always kind of scared me. I just could see myself breaking a bazillion bones. I tried giving snowboarding a fair shot but when I got my back surgery and my Dr. recommended avoiding snowboarding forever I was secretly excited to have a get-out-of-jail-free-card (in regards to snowboarding) excuse for the rest of my life.

18) I wanna start on our food storage... Just in case zombies take over the world. Don't judge.

19) I get in food habits. I could easily eat the same thing over and over for weeks, and used to. There was a whole summer that all I ate for supper was either canned peas/corn or broccoli salad. But Shawn is not a fan. Apparently he likes variety in his food.

20) I probably have at least 20 unfinished journals... Maybe 25. But so far I have been doing my blog for  14 months so here's hoping this won't end up yet another abandoned journal.


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