4/30: Letter to My Younger Self

4. List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.

Oh man, haven't we all thought about what we wished we could have told our younger selves? Our parents and older friends/family try to give us advice and some stuck but maybe I would have listened to my future self.

1) Your first kiss will be horrible, maybe you already had it. It sucked, right? It won't always be that bad. It gets better. Much.

2) Don't be in a rush to get married. Enjoy being single and being free to anything and everything. You will get married and you will love it but don't sit around thinking about when it will happen. This is one time you can't peek at the end of the book. P.S. He's pretty awesome too.

3) Don't be afraid to move away. Go find an ocean, you will love the ocean, trust me. There is so much more world out there and if you leave for a few weeks, months, even years you can come back and things won't have changed that much.

4) Try and make more of an effort with your family. I know you don't believe it now but your sisters will be your best friends.

5) When someone tells you that your boyfriend is cheating, believe them. Or better yet, when you see red flag after red flag... don't stick around for two years hoping he will change. He may, but not with you. But it's not all that bad. You learn a lot from that relationship. Like the fact that you actually can commit to someone for more than 3 months and that you should trust your instincts.

6) When you are older you will travel. It'll be amazing. On your last day before coming home you will want to go surfing one last time despite it being bad weather. Do us both a huge favor; DON'T.

7) Don't try so hard. It's a fact of life some people won't like you but some will. Don't worry about those who you may not get along fabulous with and just have fun with those who you do.

8) Try to put in even a bit of effort to exercise. Believe your dad when he tells you your metabolism will eventually slow down. But while we are on the topic. Try not to stress too much about your body type. Believe it or not but you will not hate it so much when you get older. And your husband thinks it's pretty good too.

9) Take some spanish lessons. I know it seems far fetched right now but it will come in handy.

10) Embrace your curly hair. It's actually a blessing! Stop spending hours straightening it every day and just let it do it's natural thing (with maybe a wee bit of enhancement). Oh, and invest in a wonderful contraption called a "Chi", that will become your best friend two years from now. Worth every penny.


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