5/30: Things That Make Me Happy

5. What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?

I tried to narrow it to five but it didn't work so I just kept going on...

1) Food... Specifically junk food
I have always been one of those eat-your-emotions types... Hungry, happy, sad, mad, bored, excited... I love junk food anytime. And I don't discriminate; I love salty, sweet, healthy and everything in between.

2) Board Games/Card Games
I try talking Shawn into playing more but no dice. I just love them, especially in big groups. I am slightly competitive and am a reformed occasional cheater...

3) Finding and reading a fantastic book.
Call me a book worm but I just love getting wrapped up in an amazing book. Everything else goes by the way-side. Speaking of... Hunger Games movie comes out this week! Whoop whoop. I'll be in the line-up come Friday.

4) Shawn/Family/Friends
This is a given. But add food and/or board games in to the mix and I as happy as can be...

5) Life in General right now....
Life is just plain good right now. Plus, every time I work with a paraplegic at work it hits me that I am so blessed to be walking and as pain-free as I am, even with a 6-month fetus growing and taking space in my belly.

6) Traveling
I got the bug.. and bad. But I am lucky enough to have enough adventures to both make me content and make me want more... but later. There is a time and place for traveling and right now it's not the time. I am happy to stick around with my hubby and baby for a bit before I drag them with me to our next destination.

7) Singing in the Car... Loud
This makes me happy, but can't speak for the poor people in the car with me. 

8) Photos
Unlike my husband, who has freaky memory, I need constant reminders of things that have past otherwise they fade away. I am pretty sure 70% of my childhood memories come from photos. Knowing this, I try and make sure that I have photos for every exciting, amazing, mundane, and little part of my life so I won't forget anything. 

9) Feeling My Alien Wriggle
There is nothing cooler than feeling this lil guy move, flip, kick and dance in my belly. I amuse myself some times by pushing him from side to side and feeling his retaliation kicks. Shawn thinks I'm being mean, he's so gentle with him even though he's already wrapped in a protective bubble in my belly. And what does he get for being so sweet? Our lil guy freezes up as soon as he feels Shawn's hand on my stomach... Stage fright perhaps?

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