Just Your Average Saturday

On Saturday Shawn and I tagged along with my mum and her hubby to Calgary. We didn't do anything much that was super exciting but I had a fantastic day just spending the full day hanging with Shawn... 

Plus we got to go to Ikea... I showed really good restraint by NOT buying anything even though I wanted to max our credit card and fill our home with Ikea gear. Why oh why can't Lethbridge be bigger so we could have an Ikea?
Killing time throwing snow balls
outside Ikea
Found a whole garbage bag filled with recyclables,
I was only 5% thinking about taking it with us...
And we ate yummy, but expensive, Indian food. Anyone else think Indian is overpriced? Seriously overpriced? 
We didn't leave a bite to waste... Nothing
better than naan bread and butter chicken...
But my favorite part was a sound-bite from Shawn. I can't even remember why he said this but he was making fun of someone and he said, "I smell London, I smell France; I smell..... underpants????" he was so confused and couldn't figure out why it didn't sound quite right... hahahaha

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  1. I LOVE ikea...such a great store, we should open up one here, lol