2/30: Biggest Fears

2. Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.
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1) I am slightly terrified of something happening to Shawn or the festus growing inside me (someone called my baby a festus, not fetus, the other day and I thought it was hilarious). After my surfing accident I became freakily aware of all the dangers lurking in the world. Thankfully, that passed after a few months. But then I got married... and became aware of all the possibilities that could befall Shawn, but he's a tough adult so I don't stress too much. And then I got pregnant, and now a completely defenseless, innocent baby is coming our way and I want to wrap him in a giant baby bubble...

2) I am seriously afraid of a zombie apocalypse and I blame the book "World War Z". You may laugh but that book makes the whole thing seem completely and totally plausible. Don't believe me? Go read it and tell me if you don't lock your door, stock up on food storage and make your husband sleep between you and the window just in case a zombie breaks in.  (Which would bring together two of my huge fears.... a zombie attacking Shawn. Yep)

3) I saved the biggest for last.
I have a HUGE HUGE HUGE fear of winter roads.
Don't ask me where this came from, because I don't know. I have never been in an accident (that results in damage) in the winter. The first 20 years of my life I never stressed about driving on wintery, snowy roads. I grew up in small towns commuting to larger towns/cities and didn't think anything of it. In fact, on my 16th birthday I convinced my two best friends to go against all common sense and road advisories and attempt to drive to Lethbridge on the wintery, icy roads. Needless to say, we definitely spun off the road, narrowly missing a ravine, got picked up (and lectured) by the RCMP and arrived back home to a big "I told you so" from our parents. But it didn't bother me one bit, I thought it was a good story.

Flash forward 10 years. I practically hyperventilate when I am in car driving on wintery roads. Poor Shawn hates it almost as much as I do, not because of the roads but because I become such a basket case. The four months living in Saskatoon driving home on weekends was HELL... I think I aged 10 years from stress. Maybe it's when I moved to Lethbridge at age 17 and stopped commuting so much or maybe it was the 17 hr drive from hell coming home from Washington winter 2008... That last one actually makes sense.

Speaking of Shawn..... He is hilarious when it comes to needles. When he came to get a flu shot, I turned to give him his shot and he literally jumped a foot away chair and all. Hilarious. Hellish wintery roads doesn't make him bat an eye but introduce a tiny needle and he's all nerves.

See how happy we are when there are no needles or
zombies on winter roads?


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