26 Weeks...

Well I think this classifies me as in my 6 months... 
Only 3 more months till we have a new addition in our family!

Maybe I should have had three fingers up instead
of showing the peace sign...

New developments:

- I can actually see the baby kicking now, he's getting so much stronger. My purse was on my stomach and he actually made the purse jump.

- Heartburn/Indigestion; I am not sure what exactly it is but all I know is that it is uncomfortable, happening more and I am not a fan.

- My belly is getting so much bigger! So much so that when I was laying on my back and I sat up, I saw my stomach was kind of triangular shape. There was a legit ledge down my stomach straight down the belly button and down. Turns out that this is called Diastasis Recti, when the abdominal muscles (6-pack) split down the middle into two 3-packs... Awesome... Just imagine how separated the muscles will be 3 months from now. Man, I knew I should have done more exercising before I got pregnant. 

-We bought our first thing for baby preparation! I love kijiji and I have been scouting every day, and one day I found a fantastic crib, change table/dresser, mattress, and change table mattress all for $150. I jumped on that and now we have our nursery started! Maybe we should start thinking about what else we need, anyone have suggestions?


  1. Do you want to hear something weird? Every now and then I swear my guts surface on my tummy. It looks like a little bump and I asked my doctor and he said thats normal because my muscles are still strengthening to hold them in. bizarre.

  2. Really? Even still? That will be me! Awesome... DId your muscles split or just weaken?

  3. Where did this BELLY come from?!?! I don't like not seeing you so much because I feel like I am missing out on my besties first growing pregnancy!!!! V.. you look so good! And I am in LOVE with your bump!!