Our Attempt at Being Social Again

Shawn and I have been antisocial lately in regards to friends unfortunately.

But tonight we finally went out to Fort Mac to see our friends Matt and Katie, whom we love.

Katie is preggers too so it was fun to sit and chat with another pregnant lady. Matt and Katie are in the middle of major renos to their house as well so the boys talked about all their renos while Katie helped calm and reassure all my crazy fears (like my abd muscles splitting apart; I literally had a nightmare that my baby was able to press his hands and face out of the womb with only my abd skin separating us- have you seen "The Frighteners"? Just like that... creepy!) 
I think my stomach is massive until I compare with Katie's (who's due in 5 weeks) and I realize just how much more it has to grow!

I realized that since Shawn and I haven't been doing much the last two months other than school, work, house renos, and hanging with family, we haven't had many photos lately. Now that I have realized this, that is about to change much to his chagrin. 

He HATES photos as you can see by his photo smile, just call him my own personal Chandler Bing.

I informed him that the wonderful Kelsey Pankhurst is gonna be taking our newborn pictures and he immediately started whinging about we don't need all these random photo shoots. And then he realized the photo shoots have been not-so-random; engagement, wedding, bridals and now newborns... Just all of them within two years of each other has him a little bit overwhelmed but he agreed to it! 
Just don't know when to spring on him I want to have yearly family photos... Don't think he'll be a fan.

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  1. Loved seeing you guys too! we will do it again soon! xox