One Down, Three to Go!

Shawn officially finished his first year in Carpentry! 
(don't believe him when he says he failed, he thinks it's hilarious to say that)
He's pretty darn talented so it's not surprising that he did awesome in his classes. 
Love this guy...

One down, three to go!
Now he's back to work, which he is quite excited for, and I can't deny I won't mind being back to two incomes for the next couple months...


  1. Ha! Congrats! I'm so glad he's found something he likes--truly a difficult thing.

  2. And congrats on finally looking pregnant. Crazy business when you think about the fact something is living inside you . . . and then you see it move . . . a lot.

    Bring on the TUMS! My best friend during pregnancy and that extra dose of calcium is good for you, right? :)

  3. Thanks! Funny thing is that I never really think to take anything, I just grumble but I don't know why I don't try Tums... I do need to get me some tums...