The Best Parade EVER...

What makes a parade fantastic you say?

Amazing bands?

Stupendous floats?

Hilarious clowns?

Convertibles with beauty queens/politicians/celebrities riding on the back?

I say, you've seen one, you've seen them all... The best parade is


Come on, what fun is sitting in the hot sun watching cars/occasional floats slowly creep by you unless they are tossing candy, suckers, chocolate bars or freezies your way???

Last weekend was the Coaldale Candy Parade and Shawn and I decided to test their claim that a thousand pounds of candy gets tossed each year.

I don't know why we get so excited over free candy. It's not like we can't go to the store and spend $5 and walk away with a mitt full of candy but it's something about FREE candy. FREE candy that you have to fight young kids for. 

This candy isn't bought. It's earned...
Maybe that's why it tastes extra sweet.

We staked a claim in the rare patch of sidewalk that wasn't swarming with kids and there we sat, as candy just got tossed our way, without even trying... It was awesome... Some parades they are stingy but here they were walking down the street, literally dumping buckets out on kids. 
We figure if we had a kid with us we could have tripled or even quadrupled our candy parade returns... 

Hmmm maybe we will have kids sooner that we thought. 

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