Snapshots of July 4th at Echo

The amount of cars and trailers were staggering

One day I will break Shawn from his dislike of photos.
Heck. I'd settle for figuring out how to make him smile in
 one every now and then.
The up and coming generation of Bevans girls..
Gorgeous eh?

Mom and Dad Bevans
aka Todd and Jenny
I was blown away by how "American"ized everything was.
Canada Day just doesn't compare to how decked out they get down south..
Even their pancake breakfasts are patriotic
Awaiting the parade.... and the candy..

Shawn claimed the front spot, just the place to grab any
candy he desired... See that focused determination?
That's what won him the box of Cracker Jacks over the
kids' outstretched hands. 

Saying goodbye as we rushed out to try and make the
border before it closed at 11 p.m.

We barely made it with 50 seconds to spare. Shawn could hear
their footsteps coming to close the gates and we inched in

Good thing Shawn drove 150 km/hr the whole way there...

Two minutes later and we would have been spending
the night in the parking lot.

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  1. Love all the pictures, great one of the parents!! So sad we missed it but so excited to see you guys in a few weeks! Oh....I got you're card! You guys are the best, I loved it!