A Fantastic App and A Very Stinky Passenger....

I love Instagram. I am sure you all know what Instagram is; usually by the time I get around to finding things out, I am about 2 months behind the times but just in case; Instagram is a iPod/iPhone app that allows you to set your pictures to different 'filters'. With it, I can change a normal, boring photo to one with a more striking, vintage feel.
Shawn hates it because he feels it takes a sharp, clear photo and makes it somewhat blurry or what have you... He's hoping I will get sick of it soon. But it makes me love even a simple photo of the Montana border sign, and playing around with photos helped the time pass as we sat at the border for 70 minutes. Apparently, the idea of going south for July 4th is a popular one. 

We set off for Echo Lake at noon on Canada Day. We had different plans originally but we couldn't wait to get down to the lake and see some family that we ended up leaving 10 hrs ahead of schedule. We made the decision as we were sitting in Raymond, waiting for the parade to start. Shawn and I came to the decision at the same time so we got up before a single float went by, packed and were gone by noon. 

The trip down was marred most spectacularly by a simple thing. BO stench. We had just got in the truck and buckled in when I got a whiff of something quite nasty.

 I glanced suspiciously at Shawn and gave him a quick peck on the cheek as I simultaneously sniffed him. Not him. I looked down at Shawn's work sweater and took a quick sniff. Not that. I hadn't had a shower that day, but I was sure that it wasn't me. No way could something THAT foul be me. Just in case tho.... I took a quick, inconspicuous smell of my armpit. Thank goodness, not me.

 By now Shawn had caught on and was enjoying me go quite insane sniffing randomly every minute or so, trying to find the source of the smell that only I could smell. After awhile I started to think that:

A) maybe I was pregnant and had developed super smell
B) The smell was in my nose (can that happen)

But than as I was sniffing, I discovered the culprit. 

The seatbelt!

Apparently Shawn picked up a hitchhiker and gave him a short ride and five days later the seatbelt still reeks of him. I don't know how bad a person must smell to make a seatbelt stink that badly that quickly but whoa, man did it ever reek and it was conveniently located right under my nose for the whole trip. We tried to air it out the window, cover the smell by drowning it in cologne, wash it in water but finally, I had to settle by smothering it with a sweater. 

That man was one stinky fellow, but I will say this about him. Smelly as he is, at least he had good sense to buckle up. 

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  1. What I want to know is why Shawn is picking up hitch-hikers? Crazy Boy!