How We Started the Day with No Plans and Ended Up Seeing Kenny Chesney For Free

We had no plans to go to the Stampede at all.

Shawn and I were sitting on the front step, eating breakfast when my mom stopped by to pick up Chelsey to go to the Stampede (did I mention that we are staying with my sister this summer?? Yep, it's been pretty awesome so far) Next thing we know we are in the car, on our way to Calgary.

The Stampede is awesome. $15 gets you in and there is so many free, amazing things to see/do. And there are alot of EXPENSIVE, amazing things to eat/do but we'll focus on the free things...

Watching high divers jump from 80 ft in the air into a blow-up pool. Awesome.

Witnessing three crazy gymnasts blow our mind by doing trampoline stunts. Thrilling (and slightly terrifying.. I was worried for their safety)

Seeing Olympic Gold medalist Jamie SalĂ© and David Pelletie figure skate to rock music with stunts and tricks that would never be done in the Olympics. Love it.

Window shopping amongst hundreds of booths pitching the next best thing. Tempting.

But the BEST free thing had to be......


We were walking to the next free spectacle when I heard some guy on a stage ask for a male volunteer. Without thinking I volunteered Shawn and next thing I know they guy was saying that if Shawn could do 20 push-ups with me on his back we would get free Kenny Chesney tickets!!!! Um, yes please.

Thank goodness he didn't ask me to do any number of push-ups cuz we would have been doomed. Luckily Shawn is quite a bit more athletic than me... I bet he wished I hadn't just ate so much fair food though... 

Getting ready to do some double-duty push-ups

Our prize... I think I got the better end of
the deal... No work, all reward.

Good thing my husband is so strong to make up
for my weakness..

So that's how we started the day, with no great plans and ended up going to Stampede and seeing Kenny Chesney for free... (and his opening act Doc Walker, a little Canadian country group whom I loooove.)

Reason I love Shawn #389
    Turns out he HATES Kenny Chesney... Ridiculous I know, right? Who likes Country music and hates Kenny Chesney?? But, despite hating Kenny Chesney, he still came to the concert with me, even sang along a bit and sacrificed hours of sleep when he had to work the next morning at 6 am... 
    But seriously, how can you hate Kenny Chesney??? Especially FREE Kenny Chesney.

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  1. That is the best story ever!! ha ha...sounds like an awesome night:)