Can't I Just Peek 10 yrs Into The Future? Just Peek...

One thing that my friends and family never could understand about me is my compulsive need to find out how books end before I get to the end. I will be reading a book, be so hooked, and by the time I'm halfway done I am no longer able to enjoy the book because I stress out about how it's gonna end.
  Will he live? Does she make it? Is he guilty? Peeta won't really die, will he? WILL HE? Snape is bad? For real or is this a fake-out? Is Dan Brown REALLY pulling the whole 'it's-just-a-fake-out-not-a-real-secret-society-at-play' AGAIN?

Questions plague me and I end up just skimming SUPER fast so I can get to the end and find out the answers... I ended up having to circle back to see what I missed anyhow so now I just read half-way and when I get all stressed out, I flip to the back, read the end, relax and then return to my previous spot and continue reading. Now that I know the ending, I can sit back and enjoy the read.

Sometimes I find that I can be like that in life. I just want to know what's gonna happen so the stress of the questions is gone and I can just sit back and enjoy the ride. 
Probably not gonna happen eh?

That's why I love this song. It reminds you to enjoy your today, don't get caught up fretting about tomorrow and dreaming about 'when...' because one day you're gonna look back and miss THIS, this amazing part of your life that you are living now and you are gonna wish that you would have just sat back and enjoyed it and stopped stressing so much because it all worked out in the end.

Yes, I may stress about jobs/when-to-have-kids/living-in-house-limbo/gaining-5lbs/etc. but one day I will look back and miss today
Today, when Shawn got off early so we went swimming, tanning, to the temple and then out for dinner.
I could see missing that, it was a good day. 

 Maybe I will even miss the fight we had tonight too. Doubtful... Maybe when we are 20 yrs married and we sit back and laugh about how upset we got over a case of miscommunication. 

So next time you find yourself focused on 'when'. 
When you get married
When you buy a house
When you lose 5 lbs
When your husband graduates
When you travel to..
When you get a job at..
When you have kids
When they grow up

Remember to enjoy today

Carpe Diem

Because you're gonna miss this... 

... but I still am gonna peek at the end of my books. That's different.


  1. I have the same issue with life, I am always having to remind myself to enjoy every part of life. Great post. It reminds me of a talk by Pres. Monson, Finding Joy in The Journey:
    " Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey, and share our love with friends and family"....so true:)

  2. What a great blog entry, Valena! I didn't realize I did this until I read this, but I'm always trying to organize and plan the future instead of just taking it day by day and living in the moment! Thanks for opening my eyes!