Hidden Potential...

Shawn's and my idea for our first home purchase don't exactly line up... My hope was to find a house that is move-in-ready. My expectations weren't too high, I am keeping our budget in mind. But I want enough space that if we have a surprise arrival (please, oh please, no), we won't be overcrowded.

Shawn's idea of a ideal home to buy is a cheap, fixer-upper. He loves the HGTV channel and all things building with your hands so he is quite keen on the idea of flipping a house. Me? Not so keen. The closest thing I have done to home reno's is painting rooms and buying new furniture. Not the best reno resume. Good thing I married a handy-man. 

Despite my misgivings of doing our own renovations, I was open to changing my mind. It was just up to Shawn to find a house and sell me on it. 

He did it. We found a house in Taber that has hidden potential. So hidden that my first impression was to stop, turn around and not go inside. But it surprised me. The house has an updated main floor, perfect for me, and the basement needs to be completely gutted, concrete and all, so Shawn can go nuts fixing it up. Perfect, right? Add in the fact that the backyard is HUGE and he sold me.

The only downside (besides the obvious commute, which may or may not make me hate life during winter) is that it is slightly overpriced for the amount of work/money we will need to put into it... We are pretty firm in what we want to pay for it but they say it's a buyer's market right now so whether we buy it is all up to how low the owners are willing to go.

How low will they go? How low will they go??

Stay tuned... 


  1. ooooh....exciting!! I won't be too bummed if it doesn't work out tho, because it will much easier for you to move with us to hawaii:) ha ha

  2. oooo good luck! I'm excited to hear how it goes and to see pictures!!