Echo Lake and Fireworks = Heaven

In the Bevan's family, July 4th weekend means being at grandma's cabin at Echo Lake with all your extended family. This is a tradition that I was not opposed to, in the least. 


I think the max number we got to was 62 people, but was usually only 43 people... Only a fraction of all the aunts, uncles, and cousins. You should have seen all the tents, trailers and cars crammed in the yard.

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous, STILL lake? 

They hadn't either... 

This trip was slightly different than all the other years due to one big ting. No boating.

Apparently Echo Lake has had it's fair share of rain and flooding and due to the fear of even more flooding two days before we all got there, they initiated a "No White Water" order, so basically no boats.


Luckily, I still had this to look forward to:

 I have always wanted to be in the states for July 4th for one reason... Fireworks... 
The one and only time I have ever played with fireworks was 15 years ago while Shawn has been doing this every year of his life so to him this was nothing super exciting. 
I was stoked.
 Part of me understands why they aren't legal in Canada... Kids without supervision could cause havoc with them quite easily... But they are sooooo fun!!! I love that every cabin was having their own mini firework show that equaled one, gorgeous out-of-sync show. I was only partly terrified that they would blow up in Shawn's face and I would be an early widow. 

I wanted to smuggle a carload of fireworks back into Canada so we could continue playing with them but Shawn wouldn't indulge my obsession that much. 

Anyone else wanna smuggle me up some??

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