Midnight Rain Storm

As I got off at 11 pm from my eighth and last shift in a row, I was slightly excited to go home, cuddle up to Shawn and watch some so-bad-it's-good reality t.v. 

When I got down stairs to Emerg I found myself faced with the most torrential downpour I have seen outside of the Amazon. Seriously, since when does it rain like that here??? 

Not the night to be parked two blocks away. 

Slowly the group of nurses (all without jackets) trying to leave the hospital got bigger as we all wrestled with the options

a) wait out the storm

b) make a run for it and get soaked to the bone within 6 steps

c) call our husbands to come pick us up (I seriously considered waking Shawn up to play door-service taxi-man for me)

Finally after waiting 10 minutes with no let-up in sight, I went in search for another option.

Meet option d)

One bag for my purse, one for my shoulders down and one for a hood...

I hustled to my car and arrived completely drenched thighs down as I had to wade through a literal river in the road but my 'rain jacket' had done it's job by keeping my upper half, bone dry. 

Once I was in my car I was able to sit back and enjoy the lightning and thunderstorm as I drove home. When I was coming to the underpass and saw a truck drive through the 'puddle' and the water level go up to it's doors I knew my little car wouldn't stand a chance so I reversed out of there and tried two more underpasses till I found my way home on Stafford. 
It took so long to drive home that by the time I got there, the rain had finally run out... 

I love Alberta's schizo weather... Keeps you on your toes.

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