The Brave Little Toaster affects me still!

I don't know if anyone remembers a movie called, "The Brave Little Toaster".

I do.

But unlike other Disney movies which I remember and love, this one I remember for a whole 'nother reason.
It tramatized me.

Kirby accidently vacuums up his own cord and almost chokes to death on it. That's quite a vivid, horrific thing for a little girl to see and it has stuck with me.

 To this day every time I take out my vacuum, plug it in, turn it on and start vacuuming I am always so extra careful to avoid the cord because all I can think of is the horror I felt seeing Kirby choking on the cord... There is no way I wanna be responsible for this poor vacuum to go through the same thing.

 I know it was just a cartoon but I still can't bring myself to go near the cord when vacuuming.  

Funny how I can't remember what I did last week but a 60 second scene in a movie I saw when I was 3? Yep, still burned into my brain.

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  1. I stinkin' loved that movie...but for some reason, I don't even remember that part! ha ha...guess we'll have to watch it again...or will it be too traumatizing? lol