An End To An Era

One year in Jr. High, my sisters and I weren't sure what to get our mom for Mother's Day.

When we were shopping we came across a black & white photobooth
$12 later we had four strips of photos and with a $2 frame we had our present.
And I was hooked.

I love Photo-booths... LOVE

But really, who doesn't???? It's a cheap way to have instant fun PLUS you get photographic evidence... Yes please. Even the most uptight person can't help but get a little silly once they are in the booth.

Throughout the past 8 yrs I have plugged hundreds of loonies and toonies and drug countless friends, boyfriends, and family into the photo-booth at Park Place Mall. Looking at all my collected photos, each part of my life for the last chunk of my life has been documented by that photo-booth.

When I met Shawn, I knew that I had been neglecting my obsession for the last year and I quickly introduced him to the world of instant, strip photos. For a guy who doesn't like photos, he was quite the good sport.

It is this decade-long obsession that inspired the photo-booth at our wedding. 

So, imagine my surprise horror when we were leaving a movie on Friday night and saw my beloved photobooth kidnapped and this digital impostor in its place... 
Words cannot even begin to describe the loss the teenager in me feels. Heck, who am I kidding? I still always carry $4 in my purse, just in case we hit the mall. I miss the old-fashioned photo-booth already, . 

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  1. You and your photo-booth are in our prayers! RIP :)